Fashion Tech Series: The Evolution of Retail Report
Presented in conjunction with the "Fashion Tech Series: Supply Chain Transformation" report, this digital discovery session will unpack new innovations in digitization across the entire supply chain. Join speakers from Lectra, Tengiva, and Silana as they share key insights into how these new technologies have the potential to revolutionize knowledge bases, power transparency, and allow businesses to be more responsive and create certainty within their workflow.

Nivara Xaykao - Director, Culture & Consumer Insights at Fashion Snoops

As the Culture Director at FS, Nivara heads up macro trend forecasting and any reporting that provides the larger context and early direction for business and creative strategy, from consumer insights to technological innovations. Nivara is a veteran of the trend forecasting industry, previously working at WGSN and Stylesight; and she also brings extensive experience on the brand side in categories as diverse as intimate apparel and home, and in capacities ranging from design to marketing.
Jenna Guarascio - VP, Content Strategy at Fashion Snoops

Jenna Guarascio is a trend expert and business futurist with over a decade of experience working for luxury brands, mass retailers, tech start-ups, incubators and b2b agencies. With an appetite for innovation and passion for creative problem solving, Jenna builds strategies that help organizations better understand the market of tomorrow. At Fashion Snoops, Jenna is responsible for optimizing the global content strategy so that clients can develop meaningful products and experiences. 
Ketty Pillet - VP of Marketing, Americas at Lectra

Pillet is responsible for marketing of Lectra’s industry leading software and automation solutions in North and South America. She works closely with product management and a global team of marketing leaders within each of Lectra’s core geographies to ensure the company is meeting the needs of its customers in its core industry segments. Ketty Pillet has over 19 years of experience in international marketing, Customer Relationship Management and sales dedicated to industrial high-tech businesses. Pillet was previously the Vice President of Marketing for Gerber Technology where she focused on continuing to support Gerber’s spirit of innovation by leveraging and building upon the brand equity Gerber has established as the “gold standard” others strive to emulate. Prior to joining Gerber, she served as Marketing Director for Lectra. In that role, Ketty Pillet was responsible for leading the company’s go-to-market strategy for the software and hardware solutions dedicated to the Fashion; Apparel and Furniture markets. 
Annie Cyr - Co-Founder & CEO at Tengiva

With experience in the textile industry for more than 18 years, Cyr is the author of The Textile Fibers Guide, published in 2015 under CACITH Inc. Her expertise and entrepreneurial skills have been internationally acclaimed. She was honored with G20 YEA Canadian Delegate in 2021. 
Anton Wohlgemuth - Co-Founder at Silana

Anton is a technician & founder by heart. At the age of just 17, he already developed a robot for the automated cutting of ceramics which is still in use. Anton completed his bachelor's degree in the field of business informatics. He then gained professional experience in the investment banking department of Deutsche Bank in their Software Engineering team. This was followed by a master's degree in Data Science at the Vienna University of Technology. He combined his degree with a researcher position for Recommender Systems to enhance the Austrian research grant system. Since 2020, he has made it his mission to revolutionize the fashion industry sustainably through technical innovation.

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