WGSN Trend Session

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Apparel Sourcing Trends 
A/W 21-22 + S/S 22
SOURCING at MAGIC Online has partnered with WGSN to bring a new perspective to the apparel, accessories, and footwear sourcing trends for the upcoming seasons.

Explore the drivers, narratives, and key textile trends across apparel, footwear, and accessories that buyers and vendors should look for.

Gain Insight In:

• Key fabrics, materials, colors, and patterns
• Zero waste approach and natural materials with technical enhancements
• Repurposed crafts, fabrics, embellishments, and trims
• Key fibers like bio-based synthetics, recycled polyester, salvaged yarn tweeds
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Amirya Perkins
Helen Palmer, WGSN Head of Materials, Knits and Textiles
Helen enables creative teams to translate future concepts into material realities. With a background in fibre, yarn, knitwear, textiles and materials, she brings over 25 years’ industry expertise in fashion and textiles forecasting and product development to WGSN, working and consulting with mills, manufacturers and fashion brands from Europe to Asia. Helen excels at threading together big picture design and lifestyle concepts with consumer insights to create actionable product trends, enabling clients to stay ahead in a changing market. Motivated by ethical and responsible design, she serves as a passionate ambassador on WGSN’s Sustainability board.
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