Fashion Tech Series: The Evolution of Retail Report

Presented in conjunction with ”Fashion Tech Series: The Evolution of Retail" report, this digital session will dive deep into how new retail models and interfaces are emerging every day and how businesses will need to combine digital agility with creative thinking to meet the future customer wherever they may be. Featuring speakers from TUNL, and Perfect Corp.


Nivara Xaykao - Culture Director, Fashion Snoops

As the Culture Director at FS, Nivara heads up macro trend forecasting and any reporting that provides the larger context and early direction for business and creative strategy, from consumer insights to technological innovations. Nivara is a veteran of the trend forecasting industry, previously working at WGSN and Stylesight; and she also brings extensive experience on the brand side in categories as diverse as intimate apparel and home, and in capacities ranging from design to marketing.
Nico Gavino - Strategist, Culture and Consumer Insights, Fashion Snoops

Nico Gavino (he/him) is a strategist on the FS Culture and Consumer Insights team. His innate curiosity for critically examining the why behind cultural change informs his research methodology in building forecasts and curating consumer insights for reports on the FS trend platform. In his time at FS, he has also hosted webinars and provided tailored consultations with a number of major brands in the apparel, accessories, food and beverage, and beauty industries. Nico has diverse experience across different sectors of the fashion industry including journalism, styling, and PR.
LJ Northington - Founder & CEO, TUNL

LJ Northington grew up in southern California as an avid gamer and fashion lover. After attending Harvard University, LJ worked for Will & Jada Smith's media company, Westbrook Inc, where he was able to further his passion for fashion by helping launch celebrity-powered fashion & CPG brands in addition to leading the company's Web3 strategy. Now that he has launched TUNL, he is able to combine his passions for video games and fashion into what he is calling Experiential Commerce.
Adam Gam - Chief Marketing Officer, Perfect Corp

Adam Gam is the Chief Marketing Officer for Perfect Corp., the developer of YouCam Makeup the world most downloaded beauty App. With over a billion downloads, YouCam Apps use AR and AI to revolutionize the consumer journey for beauty lovers, brands and retailers around the globe. Adam is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together. He has over 25 years of marketing experience with a proven record of translating business goals to operational reality. Prior to joining Perfect Corp., Adam was a AVP of Marketing at L'Oréal USA where he received a 2015 Beauty Shaker Innovation Award. Throughout his career Adam has had outstanding success in managing established brands as well as creating new products, line extensions and breakthrough innovation from ideation to commercialization. Adam holds a BBA with an emphasis in marketing and finance from the University of Michigan and an MBA with honors from Fordham University Graduate School of Business, where he also teaches as an Adjunct Marketing Professor in Experiential and Luxury Marketing.

Informa Markets Fashion
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Informa Markets Fashion connects and inspires the global fashion community through online experiences, industry insights, and worldwide fashion trade events including MAGIC, COTERIE, PROJECT, and SOURCING at MAGIC. From more effective manufacturing and supply chain opportunities to creative design inspiration and retail on the wholesale floor, Informa Markets Fashion’s diverse portfolio supports the entire fashion ecosystem - fostering innovation and driving creativity year-round. 
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Fashion Snoops is a global trend forecasting agency servicing brands, retailers, and manufacturers in fashion, accessories, home decor, beauty, media, marketing and other consumer facing industries, empowering them to act on future trends.
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TUNL helps brands increase sales and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) with token-enabled eCommerce solutions. Bring your brand’s eCommerce experience into the future with no code.