When starting the exciting journey of creating a new brand, it's ESPECIALLY important to understand the various steps that go into garment production. This session outlines and explains the significance of each phase.
Gain Insight Into:
Concept Development
Fabric Inventory
Mass Customization
Going to Market Strategies
Frances Harder
Watch now to learn better ways to produce apparel.

About Frances Harder: Frances Harder authored and published a series of books dealing with starting a fashion business. Fashion for Profit (10th edition), Costing for Profit, Brand Building for Profit and Forms for Profit are industry focused texts used both by new companies and for further education programs.

In 1999 she foundered the FBI (Fashion Business Incorporated), an educational not for profit 501c3 organization, which provided vital business development, resources and certified job training programs to both the US, and to the International apparel industry.

For the past 10 years Frances has been a consultant to the United Nations assisting small businesses. She. She also serves as an industry expert in legal disputes. In addition, she is an adjunct professor at Cal Poly Pomona and serves on the Dean’s advisory board.

About Fashion for Profit: Fashion for Profit Consulting is the fashion industry's leading resource for turning concepts and businesses into a profitable reality. Our mission is simple: Since the inception of Fashion for Profit, it has thrived to navigate, educate and provide the fashion industry matchmaking services to create opportunities, provide direction, and bridge the gap between educational institutions and commercial industry.
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