Sourcing Report 2021
Sourcing Report 2021
Presented by SOURCING at MAGIC and Sourcing Journal
Download the report to dive into the state of apparel and footwear supply chains as the business heads into the new year.

Gain Insight On:

• New progressive practices ranging from sustainability to supply chain diversity  
• Why the future of design and sampling is digital
• A forecast on raw material pricing and procurement
• And much more
Sourcing Report

Sourcing at MAGIC

SOURCING at MAGIC gives fashion businesses, brands and sourcing professionals the opportunity to connect and collaborate with an international community of global manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. With a strong presence among international exhibitors and attendees and deep domestic connections, SOURCING at MAGIC is a “global” community. With a forward-thinking approach and commitment to the evolution of the global apparel supply chain,SOURCING at MAGIC consistently provides access to cutting edge fashion technology, solutions, sustainable resources, educational content, networking, and extended visibility into the industry’s most critical global issues.For more information, please visit: 
Sourcing Journal
About Sourcing Journal

Sourcing Journal is the largest, most comprehensive and authoritative B2B resource for executives working in the apparel, textile and footwear industries. Hyper focused on delivering timely news, insightful analysis and revealing data, Sourcing Journal is empowering industry leaders to make informed business decisions. Our readers rely on Sourcing Journal to navigate every aspect of this dynamic, complex and vast business, including supply chain, raw materials, sustainability, logistics, fulfillment, product development, compliance, retail and technology. 
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